Here are, only some of the reviews of Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of Polish Radio:

“…Agnieszka Duczmal, a first-class artist with a lively temperament who cuts short all debate about whether it becomes a woman to conduct an orchestra. The uncommon nature of the phenomenon of Agnieszka Duczmal makes hardened musical chauvinism sink into oblivion.” “The strong bond between Agnieszka Duczmal and Amadeus is the result of many years of diligent work with all her musicians and an excellent example of how a good orchestra should be created.” “The absolute climax of emotions was undoubtedly the performance of  Shchedrin’s Carmen Suite. It was a perfect challenge to the abilities of the whole orchestra, manifest in sophisticated, rich tones and stronger beats.”
”Vecernji List”, Zagreb, Croatia

“Masters, masters…”
“The performance of the Orchestra delighted the Zagreb audience. Masters, masters…”
“The soul of the orchestra is Agnieszka Duczmal, its founder and permanent conductor, a gallant woman with a characteristic conducting technique and an incredible suggestiveness, who conveys the most subtle interpretative sensualism into her musicians.
We are looking forward to meeting again soon!”

“The Poles showed us what can yet be done with Mozart’s music.”
A great event: a concert performed by the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of Polish Radio conducted by Agnieszka Duczmal.”
“Thanks to the outstanding richness of dynamic subtlety and tone colour which Duczmal was able to discover in the youthful piece composed by Mozart, she was able to reveal her individual interpretative vision of Mozart’s work.”
“All the nuances which Bartok’s masterpiece (Divertimento) requires, i.e. dynamics, gusto and exceptional virtuosity, were included in the performance with enormous ease. There was only one question remaining after the concert: whether we are going to be host to the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of Polish Radio again next year.”

The Netherlands – Misdom

“The conductor, Agnieszka Duczmal, a person gifted with an astonishing temperament, along with her orchestra, demonstrated exceptional musical power.’
“The performance of Mozart’s Divertimento passes like a musical breath. In the interpretation of the Amadeus Orchestra, this popular work also retained its extraordinary Mozartian dramatism.”

“The precision of a Swiss clock mechanism was achieved.”
“A concert which made a truly deep impression…. Applause and encores.”

Kölnische Rundschau, Germany

“Triumphant performance of the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra in the Saalbau (Köln)”
“The audience would not let the musicians walk off the stage without playing encores…. A standing ovation.”
Ruhr Nachrichten, Germany

“Full of pomp and beauty.”
“The string band accompanied the soloist with the same musical imaginativeness which animated Tschaikovsky’s  Serenade. The classical spirit and romantic sentiment were in perfect equilibrium – an interpretation of an unquestionably international standard.
The Polish musicians and their friendly and resolute conductor immediately won over the audience; the listeners’ reaction was simply euphoric.”
Kölner Stadtanzeiger, Germany

“All those present were lucky to hear a spectacular chamber orchestra.”

Ulmer Kulturspiegel, Germany

“Confidence of style and a sense of purpose dominated H.M. Górecki’s Three Pieces and G. Bacewicz’s Divertimento. Just like the performance of Górecki’s works, this piece was also an outstanding musical experience.
The performance of Mozart’s Divertimento reached a peak of classical lightness and an adorable and subtle presence of all voices. The Andante was performed in a masterly manner both in terms of pace and character. All the sounds shimmered with sparseness and delicate, almost articulated dynamics. The third part of this overture to the evening ended so freshly and airily.”
Ulmer Kulturspiegel, Germany

“With passion and clarity”
“The musicians of the Amadeus Orchestra once again showed the passion, clarity and lightness with which they are able to play music. One can only hope that the Tivoli and other concert halls will invite the Orchestra to visit us again.”

Berlingske Tidendo, Copenhagen

“The Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of Polish Radio conducted by its founder, Agnieszka Duczmal, as early as in the first staves kindled unparalleled fireworks of playful energy which got under the skin of the audience. It was like being intoxicated with Mozart’s sounds, performed with grace and yet breathtaking, a performance which, in addition to all its briskness and pace, retained a homogeneous string quality.”
“A unique musical experience, whose frenetic ending was played as an encore, delighting and amusing the listeners once again.”

Dortmund – Germany